4932 Mimosa Street

 Riverton, UT 84096


2 bd | 2 ba |  1496 sf

Perhaps you wake up every morning, head down the flight of stairs, and get to your car only to find some sea-chicken has made a porta-potty out of the hood of your car. Or maybe, you wake up walk upstairs only to find pops or a roommate sitting in their skivies, in your favorite chair, eating those fruit loops you worked so hard to obtain. All you wanted was something you could call your own, and now that one thing has been commandeered by some hairy, sweaty, beast. Either way, you need your own place, bruh. Like, your very own. One without a carport and a million stairs. One where the chance of someone snaking your fruit loops is 0. Well, guess what? This is it. Your very own pad. Your very own garage. Your very own private patio. And a spare bedroom with tons of room for activities. Oh, and don't worry. If you find yourself missing those stairs, the sweet clubhouse gym and pool are just across the street. So, are you gonna make a move? Or are you gonna wait around for your Twinkies to disappear?

  • Matt Wells
  • Unity Group Real Estate Company
    1775 East 4500 South